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Gregory Ayuen - In De Party

Gregory Ayuen – In De Party | 2017 Soca Release

From the outside looking in, it may seem to be a kind of madness. Bills and responsibilities to be handled and yet for seasoned feters there is only one priority. They could be anywhere else, with loved ones or working, but for them there is no other place to be than “In De Party”.

As a professional performer, no one knows this better than Gregory Ayuen. Always a sensation onstage and a favourite with female masqueraders he puts his soul into this latest track. Every line and phrase is sung with deep belief and a sense of passionate knowing that the midst of a musical jam is, home, during this time of year.

Written by Teddy Ryhmez and produced by Precision Productions, the song and lyrics carry the texture of truth, and resonates with a joy anyone who has participated in Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival can attest to.

The very essence of our festival is encapsulated in this one and without a doubt emotions immediately roll into rapture as c

amaraderie among Soca Lovers fills the air when it is played.

We get this chance but once every 12 months, do not let it slip by, allow your troubles to slide away, and make sure to find yourselves…



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