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Imran Nerdy

Imran Magloire (born july 2,1992), better known by his stage name Imran Nerdy, is a rapper/dancehall and soca artist and also a songwriter who was born in Castries, St. Lucia and grew up in the community of Marchard. As a child he graduated from George Charles Secondary School (high school) in 2009. His first hit single for the year 2011 (6:30 time – Imran Nerdy ft Gaza Boy). This was Imran Nerdy’s first offical song, which he released and the song hit air ways in St. Lucia, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and the caribbean. His name kept on buzzing among the youth, when his name eventually hit the ears of dancehall artist Blue. Blue then signed Imran Nerdy to Scout House Records where Imran Nerdy released a following hit called ” Hey Gyal “. This song is now in every dj’s day to day radio music mixing.

The young talented 19 year old manager Stuart Albert, is looking to introduce the versitile artist to the soca music industry. Imran Nerdy said on his offical website that ” i Imran Nerdy will join the soca train and i love the uptempo feeling of music and the change in music genre, amma give every one a hug shock in 2012 carnival in St. Lucia “. The orignal dancehall artist haven’t released any soca music for the year 2012 as yet but as his fans and producers have been saying, they are furious about the twist of genre by such a young artist. Imran released his newest single called Turn Op Tonight on the Turn Op riddim in march, and its being blassed all over facebook and twitter by fans. The new quickly uprising artist has his first ever mixtape coming soon called ” See You On The Other Side”, Imran Nerdy promises to bring out his best for his fans and to again new ones.


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